Pilot6 Open

After the success of the Pilot6 Cuddy, Westport Marine has created a centre console open boat. The arrangement uses the same deck moulding, keeping the forward and aft seats & lockers, but repalces the Cuddy with a centrally mounted Centre Console, complete with screen and wrap around S/S grab rail.

This arrangement definately lives up to expectations. The console is wide enough to shelter two behind, but we have kept the side decks comfortably wide allowing free movement up and down the boat - fantastic for a boat full of family or fishermen.

The standard boat has no helm seating to open the aft deck area, great for fishing/diving/etc., however pedestal helm seating as shown in the pictures is available, see extras below. We have also fitted as standard a wrap around stainless steel grab rail along the sides and front, increasing internal freeboard and making her safe & secure even for the young and less sure footed.

The Pilot6 is rated for outboards up to 90 hp giving speeds up to 32+knots, however a 50hp will provide a more comfortable cruising speed of 18-20 knots, (24 knots max.). The hull is reinforced with an internal girder system connecting the hull and deck creating a very strong and rigid structure. This arrangement also forms four separate buoyancy chambers, all filled with foam giving over 1,200 kg of buoyancy.

Another seaworthy feature is the deck that sits above the waterline allowing aft deck drains to be fitted in each quarter, ensuring that the main deck rapidly self drains even in the worst conditions. A really practical feature is that the deck drains are lead straight aft through the transom allowing any blockage to be quickly cleared, with a non-return flap to help prevent water sloshing back up to the deck.

Up forward the seating is arranged in a ‘U’ formation. Two large side lockers provide dry storage with an open central ‘locker’ which can either be used for a porta-potty, general/fish box storage, or with the seat top hinged-up you can stand while deploying/recovering the anchor.  The anchor being stored in a self draining locker accessed from the foredeck.

Seating and locker space is also provided aft. Two ‘wing’ lockers provide general storage with a deep central locker large enough for two fuel tanks and more, so no excuses for cluttering up the deck with loose gear.

Pilot6 Open Technical Details

Length (hull)

5.20 m


2.20 m

Boat Weight (excl. engine)

590 kg

CE Category



5 (75Kg each)

Outboard Motor, max.

100 hp longshaft
Designer: Charles Broughton
Performance (full fuel, single crew & kit) 100hp - 30-34 knots


80hp - 28-32 knots

  60hp - 26-30 knots

50hp - 23-25 knots

Pilot6 Standard Equipment:

  • Centre Console with integral locker
  • S/S grab rail around console screen
  • S/S aft, side & forward safety grab rails
  • Underdeck foam buoyancy
  • Steering system, non-return
  • Self draining deck, via twin deck drains
  • Boarding ladder
  • Stainless steel deck bollards & anchor roller
  • Bow eye
  • Clear non-slip internal moulded deck
  • Integral forward & aft seating with lockable storage
  • Foredeck self draining anchor & fender locker
  • Port and starboard hardwood capping rail inserts

Pilot6 Extras:

  • Seat cushions, blue with white piping
  • Pedestal Seating

Pilot6 Packages:

  • Bunked & multi-roller trailer options
  • Outboard engines to suit requirements
  • Dealer fitted electrical and navigational equipment


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Recommended Retail Pricing:

Please contact your local dealer for the best boat, engine & trailer package prices. Boats are built to order with a 50% deposit on all orders. Every effort is made to ensure that pricing is correct, though we reserve the right to change pricing due to variations in supply




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